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The Lynch Company is here to serve you. Provided below is a list of common questions and answers to help inform you about The Lynch Company and our steel fabrication services. If you don't see the information you seek, please use the convenient question submission form at the bottom of the page to facilitate your enquiry, or call us at 503-236-3825.

Frequent Questions
Can The Lynch Company do large fabrication jobs?
Due to our large work bays, bridge crane capacities, and storage areas, we have the ability to work on very large projects that others may be unable to manage. As a result, we are also able to run several projects through our facility simultaneously and welcome the opportunity to participate in all projects, large and small!
Does The Lynch Company manufacture and assemble entire machines?
With our Skilled Craftsmen, we have the experience and ability to process, fabricate and assemble part, or all of any given project at our customer's request. Our customers success is our only concern, and their profitability our goal!
Is The Lynch Company competitive with non-union shops?
YES! Because of our training, skills and abilities, we are able to not only compete with the non-union shops in the area, but in most cases, our time management, accuracy and quality, equate to cost savings for our customers. "If you want it done right the first time, call The Lynch Company."
Can The Lynch Company install, or repair on site?
We have several "Crew Trucks" fully equipped with all of the tools necessary to install or repair our customer's projects on site.
Are The Lynch Company welders certified?
Absolutely! At a minimum, ALL of our welders are certified to AWS to D 1.1, and most have several other certifications as well as the City of Portland certification. The Lynch Company is certified by the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) to have the personnel, organization, experience, capacity, and commitment meeting the requirements of the Steel Building Structures category as set forth by the AISC Certification Program.
Does The Lynch Company fabricate stainless steel?
We have established a separate and quarantined area of the fabrication center for Stainless Steel fabrication only. Our quality is second to none working in "food grade" or any and all Stainless Steel types and requirements.

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