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Difficult fabrication and installations are our specialties! With over 85 years of technical knowledge and experience to draw from, it is possible for The Lynch Company to fabricate and install virtually any requirement. We work with all types of metals and finishes, from polished stainless steel food processing equipment, to mild steel mill platforms and ladders. From machinery manufacturing to marine construction and so much more it would be difficult to imagine a fabrication or installation situation too difficult for us to not only perform, but exceed our customers' expectations.

General Fabrication

The Lynch Company, Inc. has extensive shearing, forming, punching, burning, welding and general fabricating equipment. This includes a state of the art, computer controlled plasma burning machine on which we can produce finished parts or merely provide flat burnouts. Platforms, conveyors, walkways, handrails, etc. are fabricated to your drawings and specifications by certified craftsmen. Steel, aluminum or stainless steel… we can meet your needs. Whether you are looking for a prototype or a production run, we have the flexibility, equipment and personnel to meet your needs.

Air Systems

The Lynch Company, Inc. can design, fabricate and install complete air systems or just individual parts for your plant needs. These air systems can be for concerns such as dust removal, dust collection, industrial ventilation, motor cooling, etc. or for product conveying such as dust, paper trim, fumes, etc. The Lynch Company, Inc. has air system experience in many industrial/commercial facilities such as foundries, steel and aluminum plants, grain elevators, printing plants, wood products plants, food processing plants, pulp and paper mills, roofing plants, and many more applications. The Lynch Company, Inc. can provide you with air systems or component parts from light duty applications to heavy, "high wear" problem areas, depending on your needs. Typical fabrication provided include pipe, elbows, fittings, cyclones, material handling fans, fan wheels (new or reblade), baghouses, scrubbers, structural supports, hangers, etc.

Storm Water Products

The Lynch Company, Inc. manufactures storm water collection basins (catch basins), both round and square configurations. All basins fabricated must meet State codes and are tagged with the manufacturers' label. All code catch basins are fabricated with an internal baffle (water seal) and are available with clean-out access, if required. Units come with a heavy duty cast iron grate rated to hold a 15,000 pound wheel load. An optional extra heavy duty ductile iron grate with a 50,000 pound wheel load capacity is also available. A variety of options can be provided such as; ¼" plate construction, special inlet and outlet sizes, grates of various sizes and depths. Available also are smaller, code, area/turf drains using flat bar grates.

Mill Maintenance

We understand your need for excellent service and reliability, especially during your costly scheduled or unscheduled shutdowns. We exert every effort on our customers' behalf to get your plant up and running again within your time frame. Our experienced field crews work closely with our shop and fabrication personnel to ensure the quality needed along with the responsiveness necessary to complete the projects on time, or ahead of schedule in most cases.


The Lynch Company, Inc. manufactures custom-designed material conveyors, including belt and screw conveyors as well as bucket elevators. We can build to your specifications or evaluate what solutions may best apply for your individual situation. We can help to properly design a solution for your maximum success.


The Lynch Company, Inc. is unique in our ability to provide field crews as well as shop fabrication. We specialize in "high reach" work, difficult sizes and hard to get to locations. Hazardous locations are no problem either. We're experienced and trained to perform whatever is needed. We maintain ongoing safety policies that meet or exceed your in-house requirements for general safety, equipment training, fall protection and prevention, hazardous and confined space entry. No job too difficult for our experienced crews.

Stainless Steel Fabrication

Another important and growing facet of our business is the fabrication of stainless steel used in food processing, fish hatcheries, and the sewage treatment industry. From "food grade" to basic corrosion resistance, we are competitive, competent and responsive to our customers' budget and delivery requirements.


We practice and are very proud of our Quality Assurance Program! The Lynch Company, Inc. utilizes a complete in-house Quality Assurance Program, including both in-house and outside AWS, Certified Welding Procedures and Welding Operator Programs. Material(s) used for your job are inspected and tracked for quality and compliance to the required specifications. Our certified welders have the ability to weld stainless steel, aluminum, mild steel, galvanized steel, titanium, zirconium, and just about any alloy, and every ferrous or non-ferrous metal using the appropriate method. Welding and testing comply with AWS D1.1 and independent agencies are utilized for non-destructive testing and certifications.

"The Lynch Company, Inc. is certified by the American Institute of Steel Construction to have the personnel, organization, experience, capability and commitment meeting the requirements of the steel building structures category as set for the by the AISC Certification Program." Before your order is complete, it goes though a final inspection. We check for the products finish to be appropriate to its application, dimensional accuracy, overall appearance, and assure that the paper trail on material is complete. For warranty information click here (PDF format)

Customer satisfaction is our main goal. The Lynch Company, Inc. prides itself on craftsmanship and quality at competitive pricing. We understand our customer's needs for responsiveness and accuracy. We provide emergency shut-down service to minimize costly down time and know that by doing the best job we can, every time, along with our customers, will continue the mutually profitable relationship we both hold in the highest regard!